A champion is a man who gets up when he can´t.

(Jack Dempsey, American boxer and world champion between 1919-26)


01/2014 - 09/2014


Optimalisatie van de twee productieafdelingen XRF en XRD volgens lean princiepes
Productiemanagement, operationsmanagement, projectmanagement, leiderschap, lean, 5s, individuele coaching, change management, teambegeleiding

Customer statement by Els ten Cate, HRM Manager Panalytical
Jurgen is indeed a warm hearted person with very much knowledge of simplifying manufacturing processes by engaging employees to step out of their comfort zone to make the difference. While working with him, I was impressed by his power to asses every individual as also the processes instantly. Next to this he has a direct way of communicating, but keeps it very respectfull. A real pleasure to work with!